Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Travelling to Pulau Kapas, or Kapas Island, we decided to break the journey and stay at Dungun. My husband aka 'the driver' didn't want to drive all the way to the Marang jetty, so we stayed here for a night. Dungun is a small town and fishing village. Not much excitement happening at night but definitely not 'insanely boring' like Kapas. Food was cheap, the people super friendly and we were very happy to have found and stayed at this small Malay village type of resort.

I loved how they advertised themself "Exquisitely Traditional" and that was what we got, typical Malay hospitality, small but highly personalised service everywhere. Certainly my kind of holiday.

A traditional Malay gong welcomes you, or in this case, Danial beating the gong doing a self announcement of our arrival :D

Outside the reception and verandah.

Entering into the chalets and passing the pool.

Again, I like this, typical Malay chalets but with all the 5 star hotels trimmings. Not something one find easily here. Most chalets are poorly maintained or backpacker style but Ulek was great.

This was our chalet. Ulek means 'cradle' in Malay or in this case, they tried to pamper you in every way like you were a baby or child.

View from our chalet.

The bathroom was fun! It had a sunken jacuzzi and when you sit in, you can open up the windows and look out into a private garden. The kids had fun...well, me..I had the windows closed but I was sure no one could peek in, just didn't feel comfortable bathing in the open air.

Now this was something interesting. I complained about not having any water in the room but the reception said there's a 'labu sayong' in the room. Labu means water pitcher or gourd, and this was used to keep water the traditional way. No matter how hot was the weather, the water was always cooling.

If I have to re-decor my house one day, I would add this wonderful verandah and long windows, another typical traditional Malay house feature.

Titi or in Malay it means 'mini bridge', seen here doing a shadow shot.

In the evening stopping by Dungun beach..

Marang jetty, leaving for Kapas Island.

Many thanks for your kind wishes to my business partner, who underwent a successful major surgery and hopefully on the road to a better recovery. The camera was 'alive', well for a short while. Melanie said I sounded like Frankenstein when I told her so, but it was a short lived happiness. Firstly, it could only upload and not it can take photos but not upload, seems like now it is time to hunt for a more serious toy. Any recommendation on what brand or type of camera? Your help is much appreciated :)

Have a happy week ahead...