Monday, 15 June 2009


During this school holidays, we wanted to go the beach and at the same time tried to stay away from the bigger islands like Redang and Tioman which were always packed with people. Inspired by my local blog friend, Tehsin during her trip to Kapas, we decided to go here for some relaxation.

Arriving on Kapas Turtle Valley and no, there was no turtle seen on land or water but turtles were known to swim and hatch around here. Seen here was Grant and Emma greeting us on our arrival. They were from Australia on a work cum holiday at Kapas Turtle. When they finished their 3 months stay here, they'll head for Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for further holidays.

Kapas Turtle had only 6 chalets and we took the largest one, a 2 rooms with connecting doors which could easily accommodated 6 persons. I thought of you Tehsin when I saw the room!

Our room was on top of the dining hall with a great view.

View around the chalets. This beach was practically a private one so you won't have lots of people snorkelling on the beach. It was so quiet that the only sound I heard was my 3 noisy children. Picture on the right shown the kids climbing up the hill to the other side of the beach, the only way to see other part of the island or via boat.

Coming out to the other side of the beach, first stop was Captain's Longhouse. The whole stretch of beach was really busy with many people. I preferred Turtle for it's privacy and with only 6 chalets, most couples, there was only a hand few of us.

As expected, all East Coast island beaches are beautiful! When one is here, you won't have much motivation to go to Port Dickson.

I did a thorough research on this resort and island before I came and must say there aren't many reviews or blog about Kapas. I am quite sure my post will be the longest.

Back to Kapas Turtle, the kids were busy snorkeling...just look at the water!!

Took this picture on the beach, crystal clear water and you can see what's beneath. Kapas means cotton in Malay and is known for it's white sandy beaches.

Resort owner, Dutch couple - Peter and Sylvia, returning from Marang after a shopping trip with their own boat. You can see Storm, their son taking a picture and on the right, Linda - also a Dutch on a working-holiday and she's going to India after this. Come the think of it, this is the only place I know which is completely ran by non locals..and we were the only locals there. The owners wanted to migrate from Holland and chose Kapas as their home.

What is not to love on this beach..totally secluded, intensely private, personalised service all the way. You can suntan topless and nobody will care, well...we don't do it here but there was a mini cave case you want to.

Here's Eli on our own private verandah overlooking the sea. I must say the room and everything else was too basic, but this is the best resort you will find in Kapas. You will pay 5 star pricing for the room but just don't have high expectation. We stayed at Ulek Resort at Dungun, a small fishing village and not really a tourist destination for 1 night before Kapas. For the same price we paid, Ulek was really came complete with our own open air sunken jacuzi..will blog about it later.

Dinner was scrumptious! Sylvia was an extremely good cook and we did enjoy the meal. However, the choices were limited to 3 items nightly and be prepared to pay a lot for the meal. Our food bill was 120% more than the accommodation cost. Food on the island are generally more expensive which was expected, but this was way too much. We stay at Perhentian every year and we don't mind paying for food which cost double compared to the mainland, but we always had a huge variety to choose from.

After dinner, there was NOTHING to do. Unless you care to climb the steep hill to the other side of the beach with a torch light for some action, there was no TV, no nothing. I think this was really for couples on honeymoon where one can lock eyes for hours but with kids, it was just too quiet. The exact words of my husband was "insanely boring" at night. Here the kids at a corner reading and drawing to kill time before we sleep at 9.30pm. I think there should be at least a TV on dining area..

I got my Aquapac, an underwater casing for most digital camera and took some pictures underwater. The Aquapac worked, the pictures were ok but I ignored my husband's advise..took out the camera and tried snapping photos with wet hands and the camera went kaput-ed as of now. I could only upload the pictures but nothing else.

My favorite underwater pictures of Emi snorkeling.


So there's my post on Kapas. Bye for now, I've got a few hundred mails to attend to and work piling on my desk. Will visit everyone soon :P