Monday, 8 June 2009


A big thanks to my good friend, Annie of Blissful-Bohemian for this award.

I am to write why I blog and pass it on to another blogger. This is actually my second blog. I started one in 2006 in support of NURIN ALERT, a missing child support system named after Nurin Jasmin whom was kidnapped and brutally murdered. Nurin Alert was started by Nurin's uncle Jasni of In Memory of Nurin Jazlin. Jasni and a few bloggers then formed the committed of Citizens for Nurin Alert to kickstart this critical model in search of missing children. Nurin Alert was modeled after »AMBER Alert in the USA.

As for this blog..well, you know what it is about. Blogging has brought me many wonderful friends and you all know who you are, and that I love you all to the max! I always have problem passing on awards as it's too difficult to choose. I will pass this award to an avid traveler, some of you may have known him or not. He is Gil from Blogtrotter. If you visit his blog, have a look at the Labels and see the countries and places he has is amazingly LONG! Thanks Gil for the wonderful tour worldwide :)

I will be on a blog break this week, you will find me here. I seriously find blog and work breaks totally blissful and told the office, for any emergencies...don't call me.

Bye for now and see you all soon...