Monday, 1 June 2009


Last week had been such a busy week. It started with my business partner complaining of tummy discomfort. She went for a normal routine check up and what's supposed to be half a day dragged into 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day, she called and with such a sad and distraught voice told me she has cancer. She will have to go for immediate surgery this week and won't be working for quite some time. It was distressing news to me. I lost my dad to cancer 10 years ago and know so many family members who had to go through tremendous pain upon diagnosis, some made it..most not. Anyway, this change threw all our holiday plans out of the window. I was planning for a short getaway for the children as they have a 2 weeks break. Maybe later when work is settled down.

My mom was busy making dumplings or 'bachang' or as Cantonese says it - 'chung' for the family. I remembered I prepared a post on this last year but never posted. So here goes a little history on our Dumpling Festival celebrated by Chinese worldwide:

Chinese worldwide celebrated the Dumpling Festival recently. This festival started due to the well known and respected patriotic poet, QU YUAN. Legend noted that he was an important Minister to then Emperor Zhou of China. Heavy internal politics and obviously given all the wrong infor by certain dubious quarters, Emperor Zhou eventually died due to this web of malice, probably killed. Devastated, Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Mi Lo River over 2000 years ago. The people were so sad, that they make dumplings and threw them in the river to feed the fishes, hoping that the fishes will leave Qu Duan's body alone. I've been eating them forever and only found out the story behind when I wanted to blog about it. This festival is celebrated with many making dumplings, or buying them from shops. The actual date is on the 5th of 5th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. So far, I've only eaten those made by my mom, unfortunately, she made them too soon and I could not take any photos of the process. Dumplings ingredients: glutinous rice, mushroom, meat, century egg (yolk only), nuts, chestnuts, etc. All wrapped in lotus leaves.
Tricky part - tying of the dumplings.

After steaming and ready to be eaten:) Above pictures are courtesy of Four types of dumplings to celebrate the festival.

Below pictures were emailed to my by my cousin and I have no idea where she got it from, therefore I can't credit them but it gives you a good idea of how it looks like when opened.

I had this dumpling made by my mom for breakfast today. It has some dried prawns,chicken, century egg yolk and some chestnuts.

..ah, this is for you Xue :P

Went to KLCC in the evening with the children, seen here just outside KLCC.

We had dinner at the food court. Clockwise: there will always be a Penang restaurant here and everywhere else, an antique ice shaver, to make ABC or Air Batu Campur or shaved ice with syrup with nuts and other sweet stuff thrown in, in the last picture, it doesn't show in this collage, is a Kopitiam shop - a popular cafe for everyone. We've at least 5 near where I lived.

Ah..Godiva, it's gourmet chocolate at it's best and very expensive!

Yep, they are here. Don't know when they opened but I am quite sure Melanie will feel right at home at this place.

The kids and I loved Kinokuniya book store and definitely this, Japanese origami paper.

Something really funny happened outside KLCC at night. I was taking this blurry picture and there were a few people who came over. Obviously they were very curious why I was peering over the pond, asking what's inside or if there are fishes. No, there was nothing there, I was taking this picture which was a reflection of the next picture.

Until Taiwan 101 came up a few years ago, this 88 storey Petronas Twin Tower was the tallest in the world. I love the sight of it at night and never get bored starring at it every time. Took this picture while laying down on some damp grass slope, much to the amusement of many people. I don't like heights, but one day I am going to walk on that sky bridge.

Sorry but this picture is not clear. Just outside KLCC, you can take a shuttle to the Traders Hotel for guest who stay there or want to visit the SKYBAR.

What's in the Skybar? It's open roof bar with a pool and you'll have this as the back drop. I understand they have renovated and opened recently but I couldn't go there with the kids last weekend. Picture taken early last year.

There's still so many things to blog about but I don't have the time for now.
Happy week my good friends, stay healthy too.