Monday, 29 June 2009


Tired. Too much to do and too little time.
The new toy is here so it's time to experiment and it may take a long time before I could fully master it. Put it to the test and it was so cool.

To me, the ultimate test was night pictures as the previous one could not perform to my standard. It didn't disapoint - at all.

So with this, I am done whining about not having IT.

Many thanks for the good wishes on the business partner, she survived a major surgery but has to go for chemo for 6 months - so that's 6 months of medical leave for her, and 6 months of extra work for me. That's final, I should be grateful on this - not for her being sick but at least I don't have serious health issue - I hope. So, done talking about this too.

With limited time, I am finding writing those normal regular post a struggle. I should be just like everyone else does and try not to make a long picture essay out of every post. Or maybe go 'private' as many UNKNOWN visitors always makes me uncomfortable, and write about daily nonsense which no ones wants to read and lousy sewing projects - eek, yes that's the latest interest - before it fizzles out, just like every hobby in the past.

Ah, the ups and down of blogging life..I do wonder if anyone has problems like me, or it's just this one looney here who has it hehe :)