Saturday, 23 May 2009


I posted this SSS somewhere in January. It was a Chinese New Year card with the shadow of the word "FU" meaning prosperity, one of the most used Chinese character during Chinese New Year and widely found everywhere.

When I was staying at the Le Meridien - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I shot this picture of a Chinese bamboo and the shadow look very similar the top picture/word - Fu. I call it my lucky shot.

During my trip to Sapi Island, there were plenty of iguanas lounging around lunch time. They were friendly and were looking for food.

Lifeguards on Sapi Island.

A good way to travel within Asia..though not much is happening for now with the 'flu' floating around. We've got our first 2 suspected cases here, so gone are my plans for travelling for the moment..

The weather has been terribly hot and am longing for some rain. You'll find me pottering around the garden and these huge lotus leaves provide some shades for now.

..and this is for Lisa, the coconut candle holder I bought from Bangkok, here doing a SSS at the kitchen.

Happy belated anniversary to Hey Harriet for hosting our SSS and thanks to you, I've got to stock up more sunblock nowadays ;p

Happy weekend everyone.....