Monday, 25 May 2009


She's been both busy and lazy. Preparing travel post takes up too much time to sort those hundreds of photos and doing some simple research too. So, here goes the lazy post, still excited about gardening.

She aims to be an organic gardener, meaning definitely no pesticides, poisons and chemicals to be used. To invite those butterflies to come visit daily on her gardenia bush.

Love this beautiful golden butterfly on her zinnias..and there were plenty of those zinnias planted everywhere.

She knows blogger, Julene is planting her Zinnias across the pond, and here's her favourite one...

Another regular visitor here.

Waiting patiently for her shy sunflower to unfold itself...

Oh..she's so in love with this low lying Japanese rose bush grown with zinnias and lantaras, it makes her so happy :D

It makes sense to plant lots of bouganvillas..they just need lots of sunshine which we have plenty here.

It's the perfect flowers for lazy gardeners ...

Another easy plant to care for, the multi-colored lantaras growing along the wall.

As usual, she doesn't know the name of this flower but just love that golden color!

If there is anything vintage-y in her garden, it would be this 30+ years old desert rose plant.

There is nothing better than having breakfast next to this orange just smells so wonderful!!

Cheers for now :D