Monday, 11 May 2009


In conjunction with Wesak Day, or Buddha's birthday last weekend, I'm posting on the famous Four Face Buddha located at the Erawan shrine. This is the renowned Buddha icon which attracts huge crowds of local and foreign visitors. Our conference was just 500 meters away from this place, so on the last day, we took a walk to this shrine to have a look.

The Erawan shrine was first built as a 'spirit house' in 1953 during the construction of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel then. The construction workers faced many problems and with the help of a local spiritual adviser, this spirit house was built.

From then on, many visitors experienced good fortune and thus, it attracted a huge crowd daily.

People come to ask for blessings of all kinds and in return, they repay with flowers and burning of joss sticks. Anyone can give a small donation but mostly will offer flowers.

Elephants decorated colorfully, here, they are viewed as a sacred animal.

Locals praying.

A huge incense burner.

Locals busy buying flowers.

Outside the very congested street of Bangkok, tuk tuks jostling with cars, a common sight you will see everyday..and night. There was one night we had to go for a dinner from the convention centre to another restaurant just 3 kilometers away, it took us 45 minutes..I could have easily walked over. I have ceased taking the tuk tuk for some time, it gets a dangereous when you are travelling on the opposite traffic and rubbing shoulders with busses most of the times.

Locals busy walking to somewhere, though half were not really 'females' originally, if you get what I mean :P

Took a self reflection photo outside my favourite shop, Jim Thompson. The jacket had to come off when one was walking under intense heat and humidity, even though it was only 500 meters away.

Took a picture of Jim Thompson's bag.

I have been trying to complete my Bangkok post and failing miserably trying to sort out the hundreds of photos and not remembering which had been posted before.

Emi turned 12 last weekend..though she wasn't too happy as she was sick with viral fever, but much better today. It seems like yesterday when she was a toddler, they grow up way too fast..

After months of hibernation, my dwarf yellow frangipani decided to bloom madly for the past 3 weeks. We have 6 of them in different colors but this is definitely a favorite as it's only 4 feet tall and smells utterly divine!

Bye for now :D