Monday, 4 May 2009


1st May was Labour Day so it was public holiday. We had to travel to Kuantan for someone's Bertunang or Engagement party, not exactly my idea of holiday during this time as the road was really congested but we had to attend anyway.

All the beach hotels were full, so we decided to stay at the Vistana - a 4 star town hotel. The lobby and food was just average but the newly renovated room was very nice and clean.

The boy's family brought 7 trays of gifts to the girl's family.

A representative from the boy's family started the conversation explaining the reason for being here. Well, of course everyone knew why the huge group of people were there, but this was just the culture and in the olden days, they would be engaged in exchanges of poetries. However, I guessed it would be easier to have pleasant conversation rather than poetries. Intention was declared, even a dowry and tentative wedding date agreed.

The representative from the girl's family and their 9 trays of gifts.

Photo session with the future bride to be. I must say that this was my first time attending such a ceremony and looking at the decor inside and outside, it could easily mistaken for a wedding. Even the room where the future mother in law puts the ring into the future bride's finger was decorated extensively.

A peek into some of the gifts exchanged. A prayer clothing for her and the expensive songket cloth for him.

Finally, lunch was served, again very much similar to a wedding party!

With such a merry Engagement party, I definitely can expect a grander one for their wedding and as usual, there will be two huge weddings at different states. Can't complain much as that's double the food :D

Going home, we stopped by a well known local shop which sold dried seafood, here seen are dried anchovies.

White coffee anyone? It's a favourite here too.

Or pickled garlic perhaps..

Bye for now......