Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I have been back for a few days and it's funny how a short blog break can turn into a week long. I know if I don't get back into the blogging madness, this could be extended to another week but I do miss everyone so much. Back to work today and as usual, downloading business emails takes forever.
This trip to Kota Kinabalu was the first for me. I must say the business part was extended more than planned but can't complain much as that was the main purpose of this travel. Upon reaching Kota Kinabalu or KK airport, I was greeted by the sight of these islands. I told my travelling colleague, I have to go to one of these islands - dead or alive.

So, on one of the free days, we hired a boat to take us to 2 islands for some snorkelling and sightseeing. This was a private jetty from the Marina club where we took our boat.

Me - doing a shadow or reflection shot at the jetty and I really loved the sight of fishes swimming around.

Here's a closer shot....water was crystal clear and I already felt like jumping into the water!!

With a tight schedule, hiring a speed boat was the best option as it allows us islands hopping on our own time.
First stop - Sapi Island and disembarking from the boat and looking into the jetty, I was not dissapointed at all. Again, water was so clear and you can see thousands of fishes swimming.

Huge trees gave plenty of shades for those shunning the sun.

A common sight here, Asians huddled under the shade and everyone else enjoying the sun.

Divers preparing to go out to other islands for diving. My collegue who was a diving pro was practically drooling at the thought of this.

Loved the beach, well..who wouldn't !

Next stop - Manukan Island, another popular skorkelling site.

With a view like this, I wanted to stay here forever - no laptop, no work, no office and yikes..no children too :D

Going back to Marina Club's jetty, this was the Magellan Sutera Hotel, probably the most expensive hotel here. I liked how they adverstise themself on their website The Magellan Sutera - Accommodation, Resort Hotel, Kota Kinabalu - "Ethnic-themed and influence by the essence of Borneo, The Magellan Sutera incorporates its natural surroundings with fine timber furnishing and local artefacts to replicate native architecture. Most of the luxurious rooms and suites unveil balconies and all bar none offer views of either the tranquil gardens or the sparkling South China Sea with the nearby islands." Hmm..maybe next time as I definitely want to come back to KK with the family, for islands hopping and staying at Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in South East Asia.

Ahh..happy to be back home too, to see something's blooming :D

Definitely NOT happy with this guy..chomping away an entire dessert rose plant! I do support butterflies reproduction, just not on my trees.

Happy week everyone, now I've got like go visit everyone else ;p