Monday, 27 April 2009


A trip to Pasar Payang in October last year. Pasar means market in Malaysia and Indonesia language. This is a favourite shopping among locals for spice, textiles and many other things. Kota Bahru is the capital of Kelantan, a state situated in the North East of Malaysia, with it's border with Thailand.

A view from 1st floor of Pasar Payang.

A selller selling old coins as collectors items (left), and a close up of cake moulds

Everyone was sure to buy some sort of spices here, they are used mainly for Malay and Indian cooking.

Dried chillies (left) and pickled fruits (right).

Dried meat floss which was a favourite with locals.

Imported dates are a must especially during the fasting month.

Dodol or sweets made from brown sugar in many colours and flavours too.

I know on the previous post on Lankayan, many were concerned about the turtle eggs. Those eggs were protected and were released back to it's original hatching area. However, these were openly sold at Pasar Payang. It is illegal to sell them, but many still sell and buy them at the East Coast unfortunately.

The Malays call them 'mangkuk tingkat' meaning tiffin carriers, used to store food and rice when moving from one place to another. Though many probably will use the plastic version nowadays.

This 'songket' materials are expensive as they have gold thread embedded and used mainly for Malays wedding.

A pretty local selling silks. Here the silks are normally sold in 4 meters, which are the required amount needed to make a baju kurung, a local dress.

A big thank you to Gina of Gingerbread for this cupcake award. I pass this on to all my wonderful blogger friends on my list..and that cupcake is making me hungry now, so much for dieting. She's now busy with her '7 deadly sins' scrap challenge which I am looking forward to.

Something exciting is happening in blogosphere. My good friends, Tracy of Pink Purl and Elizabeth from About New York are hosting a haiku festival on the 11th May 2009. It's all about poetry and picture, but I think they explain it better than me. I would love to join in but eek..if I do poetry, many of you may not come back and visit me again...seriously. So, do hop over and join them :D

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :D