Monday, 20 April 2009


I met my good blog friend Dany from A Garden in France for an early lunch last week. It was our second meeting, we had good food, too much fun, lots of talking and catching up but too little time. Dany is living a dream life. Her home is in France, and when she's not there, she'll be jetting around to London or Malaysia to see her beautiful grandchildren. Having stayed in Penang for more than 8 years, she knows Penang better than me. We have something in common this time, we both have just returned from Sabah, East Malaysia. Below set of photos belonged to Dany and her family during her trip to Langkayan Island in Sabah.

The beach! Say no more, me - want to go here!

This is what I like and what I want! Stay at this beautiful chalet which is just a few steps from the ocean.

She talked about hearing flapping and clapping sounds at night under her chalet...not knowing then that someone came visiting and was pretty busy the whole night. Can you guess?

Oh yes, those sea turtles came and lay their eggs at night. Too bad to miss those actions but they found many eggs the following day. Dany said that most lay more than 100 eggs a time, but only few have a chance of survival. She did get to swim with those sea turtles the next day, you lucky bunny!

Look at those fishes, say no more, I am already in love with Langkayan!

I am sure you are as brave as Dany to swim with this baby shark :P

My favourite picture of all, the starfish!!

I most certainly can imagine myself being here enjoying the sunset, anyone interested in joining me?

An aerial view of Langkayan, picture courtesy of Lankayan Island - Destinations, Sabah Tourism Board Official Website (Sabah Malaysian Borneo), you find everything about beautiful Sabah there.

Yes, wanting to swim with this guy too...I can almost imagine him talking to me like in the movie Nemo. Picture also courtesy from Lankayan Island - Destinations, Sabah Tourism Board Official Website (Sabah Malaysian Borneo)

Finally, merci to Dany for the pictures and I am quite sure we'll meet again soon. Meanwhile, time to stop day dreaming and go back to work :P