Thursday, 23 April 2009


Happy EARTH DAY. I am a great lover of nature and it is sad how our poor Earth has suffered with all the polution, melting of ice and increased natural disaster everywhere. I do wish our Government will do more to control illegal logging and open forest burning over here with stricter environmental control. Let's enjoy nature, perserve our environment together.

We chose to live where we live now because of this lake.

To be able to enjoy simple pleasures of nature at home.

And one day, it will all change.

It is normally dark by 7.30 pm here and on this particular day, I was driving home against the sun and had my shades on. It was 7.40 pm and can't help noticing how blinding the sun was during sunset, and am seeing more of such changes everyday here. Hotter climate, increased rain and floods, landslides due to deforestation, decline in population of the orang utans,proboscis monkeys and sea turtles and many other protected species in Borneo. This vicious cycle never ends and it's all man made.

Malaysia has always been quite safe from natural disaster, until the Tsunami came calling in December 2004 an we had a taste of Earth's fury. Picture courtesy of Tsunami In Penang - After the first wave - Worldisround photo. What was left of a beach then.

Do your part, no matter how small it is - for the children's sake.

Happy Earth Day.