Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Bangkok is an amazing city. The people are friendly, the food too yummy - if you love hot and spicy, and ah..shopping! It's really shop till you drop here at JATUCHAK or more popularly known - JJ MARKET. 35 acres with 15,000 stalls in one place. It draws an approximate of 200,000 visitors every weekend and a favourite for all bargain hunters. They called it mother of all markets, it's the place to shop for exotic Asian handicrafts and stuff here are cheap..even for me, and for you coming from the west..that will be dead cheap!

Walking past a shrine on the way to the Skytrain. You'll see plenty of such shrines on roadside all over Thailand.

Took this picture from the Skytrain. I always stayed at the same hotel, Zenith Sukhumvit everytime I am here for one reason - I know the way around all the overhead transport or known here, Skytrain. It is the only way to travel as Bangkok traffic is always on a standstill all the time. It took me only 10 minutes from my hotel's Skytrain to MoChit Station (nearest to JJ), which by car will take me at least 1.5 hours.

A sign inside the Skytrain as monks here are highly respected.

Walking from the Skytrain to JJ Market, the street is lined with stalls.

A seller offering mangosteen, another fav fruit over here.

A neverending supply of Buddha figures everywhere.

A traditional ice cream seller.

Beautiful artwork at very low prices, and you bargain for everything..except food. A good start will to offer it at 40% lower than what the seller tell you and find a price you both agree on.

Love this tea!

Ganesha or the Elephant God in wood carving.

More wood carvings and the inside lanes which houses the entire 15,000 stalls. In most time, you will be rubbing shoulders and everything else with all visitors and the lanes were really narrow.

Silk cushion covers for as little as USD2.50!

Outside the stalls but still within JJ market, it is hot and humid..even for me, I got dizzy walking here after a few minutes.

Outside JJ market, pink taxis lined up..

Have a great week everyone :D


  1. Hey!...I remember those value-for money cushions & in fact, bought too many cushions!

  2. Looks like a bustling market full of color and activity. With thousands of shops, no doubt I would be one of most visitors who are amazed to. I think the main theme of my shopping would be buddha status and carved handiart pieces. Big big big thanks for taking me to the market Kate:) With you, I would go to everywhere w/no hesitation *smile*

    Now. Wish to write a new post before to end the week -if I can find one hour, let me see.

    Warm greetings from a bit windy rainy town, I think Spring rains..

  3. Oh I'd love to go shopping there! I'm not very comfortable with bargaining, so you may need to accompany me to help me out with my purchases :) Hey I don't think that ice cream seller is having a very good day. He looks a little grumpy to me! I love the smell of lemongrass but don't like it as a tea. Ick! Those pink taxis are very cool! I've never tried mangosteens before (never heard of them or seen them before either) but they look interesting. A delightful post M. Thanks heaps for the tour :)

  4. What a great flavor of the market you've given us! That is a LOT of booths...all so tightly packed together...wow. What a fun place it would be to explore.
    The ice cream guy looks like he is scowling you. I bet he has no idea you are giving him free world wide advertising!
    Thanks M.!!

  5. The ice creams look like kulfis. Great to taste.

    15,000 stalls at one location must surely make it among the largest markets.

    Thanks for a lovely tour of the place.

  6. ooo.. thank you for taking us with you. But I think I would have been looking for air conditioning after a while. I'm glad you are home again in your peaceful garden.

    Loved the pillow cushion place!

  7. What an amazing shopping trip - wow - you always see the best things!

  8. I love those budha and ganesha statues! And as always I love your post and your pictures! I am dreaming of the summer right now, we have so much snow. Maybe I should visit you to get away from the snow and the cold weather :D Hugs

  9. I will need to bring empty suitcases if I shop there :-) I hear of people getting stock from Jatuchak and selling them online and making good profits.

  10. I do love the COLOURS! And the view of the beautiful modern city.
    By the way, aren't those Buddha statues carved of jade?

  11. Wow, that was fun :-). Love the Ganesha's and Buddha's. Thanks for taking us with you. Big hugs.

  12. Miss the mangoesteen. My kids love this market, I personally didn't like the heat and humidity. I bought two loofahs which I still have.

    My Thai Friend buys things from here.

  13. What a lovely market. I like the idea of the cheap silk cushions in bright colours. I know one day I'll grow up and truely appreciate grey. :-) Was that a lady at the shine? The fabric was gorgeous- reminded me of floating Autumn leaves.

    Pink taxis! Oh me oh my! Thanks for sharing M Kate.

  14. \\M Kate:

    I want the tea and fruit...then I'll sit back and watch all the shoppers gliding by!

  15. Always wonderful to tag along with you on your trips M! What a wonderful market. I am not very good at bargaining and the sales people pick up on that right away, so often I don't buy anything at all when I have to bargain.

    I do love hot and spicy food
    and I'd love to ride that Skytrain! What a great view!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. I would love to go shopping with you there! Those pink taxi's are too cute!

  17. I still have a couple of unused cushion covers from JJ Market in my store room hehe! I couldn't last long there either.. it's too crowded and hot for me.

    You hit a biawak? It must have been a really big one, to cause damage to your bumper! Hope you get your car fixed soon :) No more holidays for me for the time being.. just looking forward to all the weekends and saving up for another diving trip, hopefully in May! Have fun with your kids this weekend and on your off days next week!!

  18. I love market...it is so beautiful and alive! It's like you can see, taste, smell and feel all through your great photos, M.Kate! I know I would find a lovely Buddha there...and silk ;o) I would love try the lemongrass tea. I like lemongrass in cooking, but have not sampled it as a tea. Am I too late to join you for a spicy meal and ice cream after?! ;o) Thank you for taking us along. I've been loving the trips lately to your part of the world...It is snowing here again today :o7 Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  19. Shoppers paradise! I'd have to go back again and again, it would be so hard not to want one of everything.


  20. Market looks simply amazing and the goods seem to be high quality as well. We usually don't bargin for stuff here......I not sure what the root of that is....

  21. Lovely post there... have tonnes of memories from the place myself!

  22. You always share so many great pictures. Thank you for letting me experience with you. What is mangosteen? Is it kin to mango?

  23. Oh boy!
    There's no new post but a very creative lovely "new" top banner placed:) This is also kindly accepted and appreciated:)
    Have a happy merry warm sunny weekend, Kate~

  24. Love your new banner! I'm not a big shopper, but I would be easily persuaded to get some of those silk cushions.

    The pink taxis are great!

  25. Dear M.Kate
    So wonderful to see KL where Claudia was briefly before going to Borneo!
    How exciting and vibrant your city looks.
    Much love

  26. oh what great shopping! Love the fabrics, wood carvings and the ice cream looked interesting too
    : )

  27. The photo of the mangosteens made my mouth water in memory!

    The silks are lovely!

  28. I just wish to visit there again... too much to transport back home.

    How's life going downthere? been awhile not hearing either sides.


  29. The sky train sounds like a very very smart thing. I can't imagine a marketplace that big. Love the pink taxis...perfect for Pink Saturdays. Hi MaryKate. How are you today. xo Lynn

  30. Hi M.Kate!
    With so many things to buy, how do you decide? ;))
    Blogtrotter has Akbar’s capital city for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  31. What a great trip you took us on..Beautiful. Very interesting markets..but the one that is close..I would have trouble in..I can't take humid weather either..I just can't seem to move in it.
    Wonderful pictures..Much love and happy weekend..xoxoRosebud..

  32. I love to enlarge the pictures to see things up close and that fruit is most interesting! I wonder what it tastes like! And the silk...the colors and designs are gorgeous! What an amazing city to visit!

  33. Another wonderful tour MK..always a delight to see your photos..did you try and icecream? I don't remember seeing any when we were there..and the pink taxis are definitely a brighter shade of pink thank I remember too! Gx

  34. Wow! Can't believe the price of the silk pillow covers!


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