Monday, 2 March 2009


The Grand Palace is a huge area housing many complex buildings. Construction began in 1782 by King Rama 1 and was residence to the Thai kings from the 18th century onwards. It is not possible to complete one post for the Grand Palace, so I will do it in few parts.

Entering into the Grand Palace and the first cluster of buildings one noticed was the PRHA SRI RATANA CHEDI in gold.

Built by King Rama IV in the mid 19th century.

This is my favourite picture, the Phra Sri Ratana Chedi up close. Checking it online and I found out that this chedi is very sacred as it houses a piece of Buddha's breastbone. I love this picture of the chedi against the blue sky, don't you?

Another chedi - which means stupa in Thai. Not sure what is the name of this.

Used to keep any form of Buddhist relics.

Up close..don't you want to touch this?

Or this...

Mythical figures act as guardian to both Palace and temple within.

Monks in saffron robes everyone, a common sight in Thailand.

Let's talk about this in the next post, beautiful and never ending murals on all the walls. Here's one in the shadow and btw, did you see Tracy's of Hey Harriet shadow shot of her pelican last week? It was so cool!!! Love that pelican cum penguin shadow and her new avatar, I'll think of gluttonous gulls whenever I read Tracy's comment.

Lotus plant within the palace.

Ok, something else. Honestly, I have been struggling to keep up with everyone in blogland. After much consideration, I have decided to post weekly and an additional post or not depending on time availability. Posting when there's a full, blue moon or none. I streamlined by blog list so that I can limit my blog hopping. Blogging brought me many wonderful friends I love. It was exciting at first, then you reach the peak where you have so many commentors and visitors and now I realised, I don't need these when I have work up to my nose. Hope I am making sense. So, I am happy that my good buddies take the time to visit and put a comment for this poor ol' blog and that's the only reason why I continue, otherwise this blog will RIP hahaha :D

Have a great week ahead.

Much love, M

BTW, do you know you can disable the right click in your blog? Right click is important for anyone wanting to copy your contents or pictures. I did so no more worry about anyone copying anything here. Go here for plenty of tips.