Monday, 23 March 2009


When I was in Angkor Wat, there was an entire bas relief wall dedicated to this, The Churning of the Milk Bath or Milk Ocean. I knew it must be an important myth as most walls depicted many stories of Angkor but not this one, it was a full length bas relief on Lord Vishnu, which the Angkor Wat was built to honour.

A close up of the 1000 years old bas relief in Angkor, Cambodia.

Then I saw it again, this time at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.I have researched about this important event but I'll give the simpler version, copied directly from the text explanation shown at the airport.

The scene showing Visnu Kurmavatara (or Lord Vishnu) and the churning of the milk ocean.

The Naga (the kind of serpents), Vasuki, is curled around the mountain Mandara. Vishnu, incarnated in the form of the great turtle, supports the mountain on his back.

Devas (demigods, as seen below) and Asuras (demons) pull on the naga's body to churn the water of the ocean for thousands of years in order to produce the nectar of immortality, AMRITA.

Pictures depicting the Asuras or demons, fighting with the Devas.

Close up of a Deva, as expected, Thai mytical figures are always elaborate.

Close up the Naga (serpent head) and Asuras.

As in all stories of good against evil, the Devas (demigods) fulfilled their plan of acquiring AMRITA and dispersed the Asuras our of Heaven to the underworld. Picture below of an Asura.

Scenes around the airport, feel free to take pictures here at a Thai setting. Wood panelling and that triangle cushion are typical Thai decor.

Close up of the Thai setting.

Maybe one can sit and take more photos here..but it was closed, so I wondered who sits there.

A stall selling more Thai stuff inside the airport.

Shopping anyone, you get the best and finest Thai silks here.

I liked these colourful hill tribe dolls.

How does the hill tribe people look like, this is a sample of the ladies from the Paduang tribe in Northern Thailand. Picture courtesy of Hill tribes of Northern Thailand - Thai hilltribes - 1stop Chiang Mai. Click on the link to learn more.

It's been really a busy time in the office and there will be more travelling. I should be doing shorter post, like post flowers etc. haha.. but I try to pack everything into one post which takes up so much time. Anyway, here's wishing all my good buddies a great week ahead, much love - M.