Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I've been tagged by Pat of Mille Fiori Favoriti, so here's the list.

1. Name five things in your purse: usual stuff...handphone, purse, keys, appointment book, lipstick

2. Name five things in your work room: no work room at home but I have 2 rooms in separate offices, again the usual things...laptop, printer, plants, crystals and a collection of miniature planes

3. Name five things you have always wanted to do: I've done most and I'll name one that I desperately wanted to do - scuba diving

4. Name five things you're interested in: more friends, cooking, travelling, gardening, museums

5. Five Blogs to pass this on to: I'll have to break the rules and not pass the tag :D

This for Gina of Gingerbread. My forth picture in the 4th folder. This was a flower folder, so here's my red hibiscus in full bloom.

Another tag from Debbie of Heart to Art, 2nd picture from 2nd folder. The 2nd folder was very recent, a picture taken from the Tarbush / Lebanese restaurant featuring a smokepipe.

A big thank you to Lisa of Lisa's RetroStyle for passing this award to me.

So hard to pass it to just 8 blogs as I love everyone on my sidebar, so I'll pass it to my bunnies in blogland :D
To my Malaysian trio who survived a trip to Penang - Yohji, Buttons and Hans of Furrybutts
To those 'rabboratory' bunnies, Sydney and Tyler of The Qi Papers
Finally, to 'efurrybunn's fav rabbit and my first bunny pal, Sammy of Youkoso Rabbit and Crane!

Cheers :D