Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I wish my blog friends can come for our Chinese New Year celebrations in my house. I'd give you a 'hong pao' or red packet. Normally this is given to singles, but I'll break tradition just for you :D

Serve you mandarin oranges, a must in all houses.

Ah..you know me, my plants always make me happy. Here's my pussy willow in a pot in full bloom and my lime tree.

Emi was ready to greet our guest, seen here with her 'samfoo'. Samfoo are like cheongsam, except this was worn with matching pants. This was the first of many bags with goodies which came from the neighbours. While the kids were excited about the hongpaos and what's inside, I reminded them that I'll have to return similar goodies to whoever who sent this.

Mum did most of the cooking, yellow glutinous rice with mutton rendang (dry curry), so this was not typical Chinese food. I did the grilled eggplant and mushroom salad.

My brother came with this box, it has 'yee sang', I don't even know any other names for it as it food and custom originated from Malaysia.

Eaten only during the Chinese New Year, it consisted of some raw vege, fresh fish and an assortments of other stuff.

We saw plenty of these guys everyday on the road. It's the lion dance troupe and they'll be here until the 15th of Chinese New Year.

Some last minute shopping here for to buy some gifts for a beloved aunt 60th birthday. I've 'almost' mastered the art of taking picture and driving at the same time, this picture taken while entering the KLCC car park.

There were much secrecy as to the location of the celebration and everyone was only informed last minute. A map was shown and finally, this was the place. It was held on this private boat. A full 8 or 9 course dinner Chinese dinner, I can't even remember the exact number.

It cruised around this lake which was a former Tin mine for 5 hours and the entire boat was chartered exclusively for the birthday girl, my aunt. I can't post too many pictures as there are more unknown visitors to this blog than bloggers, so I'll try to keep pictures with people limited.

The night finished off with partying on the upper deck and I love this picture of my cousin A dancing. She resides in Singapore and came specifically for this party. When and if she sees this post, she'll have her hands around my neck when she comes back next time..haha :D

My obsession with flowers grow and am so in love with this Hibiscus I bought yesterday. It measured 7 inches across, definitely one of the largest ones I have seen.