Monday, 12 January 2009


It was a really busy and fun weekend. We started with the home decor in preparation for Chinese New Year and for me, it's always the flowers first. A must have for most Chinese homes, the pussy willow plants imported from China, and crysanthemum.

Then, we went off to a wedding. Emi's (middle) with her good friend, Aini (in green) at Aini's aunt wedding.

Here are the happy couple and their wedding theme was pink and green.

We went shopping at the Curve and they had a Lotus themed decor everywhere.

Outside the shopping centre, it was noisy and busy with drums beating...

to welcome the pair of lions in orange.

Such happy lions, prancing everywhere and handing out coins to children for good luck :D

Meanwhile, Ikano nearby had their own theme for New Year.

I was really happy to have found these group of artists playing classical Chinese instruments.

As usual, you can trust Ikea to go all out on decor for all festivals. Here seen their products with Mr Ox and in red..what else.

These talented group played a medley of Chinese song, but I uploaded one of the popular Chinese New Year song for your enjoyment. Here's hoping everyone have a fun week ahead :D