Saturday, 3 January 2009


Going back to the East Coast to Kuala Terengganu, the capital of Trengganu. It has some of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia but closed at the moment due to the monsoon. I love the food and culture, but more importantly the people. The kindest and happiest people I know. I took this picture from a T-shirt, it is a picture of wayang kulit or shadow play. These puppets were used in shadow plays at villages but sadly, it's a dying art and the last time I saw one was a long time ago.

Stopping at Noor Arfa batik and songket centre, a huge tourist attraction.

A lady weaving songket and I found out they were definitely the most expensive material here. Songket are used mainly for weddings.

Songkets of all colours and designs with gold threading.

Beautiful hand painted batiks with tjanting used to outline the patterns with wax.

Still playing SSS with Hey Harriet and hop on to her blog to see all those fantastic shadow shooters. Pictures were all taken from different restaurants at Starhill, KL.

Have a great weekend everyone.