Saturday, 10 January 2009

SSS and a Botanical Park

So many people are making resolutions every year and I thought I'd make good of mine. Exercise and shed some weight. Something I wanted to do for the longest time, so that I can 'hopefully' fulfill my so call goals or resolution for this year..which is the same every year for the past 10 years. So, one fine evening and with full determination, I head to this Botanical Park which is situated just 50 metres from my home. Yes, 50 metres only and the very reason why my husband and I bought our current house here. The entire housing area is built around this man made lake with lots of trees providing ample shades everywhere. Hop on over to Hey Harriet to see the rest of the shooters :D

My favourite, the bouganvilla bridge and often seen married couples come here to take pictures.

Fancy a walk at this reflexology path with stones, supposed to be good for the blood circulation.

I could smell this flower from a far distance!! A definite must have in my garden in future. The locals called it Kenanga or in English, Ylang Ylang :D

Meanwhile, I am seeing red everywhere. In 2 weeks time we prepare for another major festival, the Chinese New Year.

Of all the many Chinese lanterns displayed, I like this one the most, they are Vietnamese lanterns.

I think my good friend, Diana has the perfect print of Mr Ox, which is the year's ruling animal on Chinese Lunar calendar for the year 2009.