Saturday, 31 January 2009


It was a dilemma for this blogger. How to complete the Chinese New Year postings and avoid so much of red? Not possible at all, so here goes.

The first lion came, with some oranges. At malls, they give out to children and adults. At offices they rolled the oranges into the office, signifying 'rolling in gold'.

Always a pair, they jumped around playing with each other. Allowing anyone to touch them for good luck, encouraging the children to go up to the stage to dance with them.

Yes, still very much of Chinese New Year pictures and the colour red. I couldn't complain as the lion posed for me :P

It costs a lot of money to have the lions to go to your house or office, but still..many do it. Why not, some happy noises and change of energy is always good.

Then, there's some shadows from the previous post/mall. Some large 'paper cutting' giving an interesting shadows on the background.

The best shadows were found on the floor.

I know, it's not only an overdose of colour but lanterns too!

With the sunlight shining from the roof, even acrobats from China joined in for the SSS.

Please go to Hey Harriet to see the other wonderful shooters and the best collages.

A big thank you to Elisa Day from Sweden for this award.

Also thanks to Richie of Richies Inspirational Designs for this sweet award, from Sweden too.

I would like to pass both awards on to all shadow shooters.

Happy weekend everyone :D