Tuesday, 6 January 2009


For our trip to Kuala Trengganu, we stayed at one of the new hotel/chalet at Pulau Duyong or Mermaid Island which was connected to the mainland via a bridge.Duyung is a tiny fishing village and this is the only resort there.

Also home to this sport..

I have stayed in many resorts here but this is the most spacious resort I have seen, here is the long drive into the reception. Plenty of open space, greenery and road lined with palm trees.

The buggy taking us from reception to hotel, it's quite a distance.

Rows of individual chalets built with the theme of Malay villages, made of cengal wood and complete with all modernities inside.

This was the unit we stayed in and we occupied the ground unit with own personal garden and verandah.

In the evening, we took a boat trip and saw lots of local colourful fishing boats.

A trip to Pasar Payang which is a favourite among locals and outsiders. Here you'll find plenty of (clockwise from top) spices - some not sold in the West Coast, serunding (dried meat floss), huge dried chilis, traditional cake moulds and fresh tamarind.

Finally, a trip to Kuala Trengganu is not complete unless we see the Crystal Mosque, this picture was taken from our boat. It was raining non stop during our trip here as the monsson season is still not over but we are lucky there was no flood.

Have a great week everyone.