Wednesday, 28 January 2009


On the first day of Chinese New Year, the day begun with our tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is an all important tradition among Chinese, from weddings, birthdays and New Year, it is adopted by most people. In our house, we used my mom's very old tea set, nothing fancy but something she treasured most.

Hong Paos or red packets are given to younger and unmarried people regardless of their age. Here is my son serving tea to his popo (grandmother) on his knees. He was a bit confused at first as to who should drink it. It's the same for all and even my husband and I do the same for my mother. A sign of respect and love to an elder when we ask for good blessings for the New Year.

It was a happy day and there were lots of visiting of relatives nearby and far. Eating from morning till night, giving out hong paos from me and the children happily receiving theirs. The rule is simple, if you are married - you give red packets, unmarried - you receive. If you have children, they receive and if you have non, you still give.

I was really keen to go to MidValley to see their decorations and as usual, it did not dissapoint and had one of the best all time decor.

It was red (what else) and I love their theme, paper cuttings all over the mall!

A close up of the decor, it was from felt material made to look like paper cutting from far.

Even Calvin Klein's shop at The Garden had this huge word 'niu' meaning Ox, signifying the ruling animal of this lunar New Year.

Meanwhile, Sunway had a different theme, also lots of red lanterns but I am glad to see something blue for a change. A huge lime tree seen here, lime trees are always bought during this time and many placed a pair flanking their main doors. Limes and oranges are important to most as it signifying gold for the home.

Ah..the cherry blossom or sakura tree, imported all the way from somewhere in China. While everyone is celebrating 'spring' here, I often wondered when did it snowed. No, it will never snow over here but everyone follows the lunar calendar and it's spring in China and that's why 'spring' is celebrated worldwide by the Chinese. I guess it doesn't matter if we had 38 celcius all year long :D

Loved the 9 fishes in this pond. The ruling number is 9 in feng shui context for year 2009, thus keeping the center of your house open with lots of lightings and plants is encouraged. Next to number 8, number 9 is also a much favoured number as anything multiplied with 9 and added back to a single number, it is always 9 - the infinity number.

Of course, everyone hops on the 'properity' bandwagon, here's the McDonald's Prosperity burger which is only sold during Chinese New Year. Yes, Sharon..we are trying hard to stay away from this :D

..and with the slowdown of economy worldwide, I wonder if I will gain any wealth if I drink this tea haha..

The official public holidays are over here but most are still not working until next week. For me, this is just the beginning, there's a Chinese New Year party at my home this weekend I would invite all if you could just pop over as if we are neighbours. Next Monday is the 8th day of Chinese New Year and the Hokkiens will have a big celebration, so meaning there will not be any sleep from 1200 am till 3.00am when the firecrackers blast away. Then, there's the 15th day for Chap Goh Meh and another celebration on it's own. You see, over here, it does last for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, my eldest, Emi completes her first cycle of Lunar animal sign, she was born in the year of the Ox and she's 12 this year. There will be a huge dinner party as another aunt completes her 5th cycle of Ox years as she's 60.

See you during the shadow shots and have a good week ahead.

Gung Hey Fatt Choy to all again.