Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I am absolutely missing Bangkok. The food, the people, the culture, I just love everything about the Thais. It is a shopping heaven for everything Asian and if I have a chance to live out of Malaysia, I'll live in Thailand.

I am doing a feature on photographer Christopher Dai and below temple pictures belong to him, used with his permission. You can go to Christopher' Photostream to see his beautiful photos on Bangkok and Malaysia too, or hop on to his blog here to read about his experiences in Bangkok. Thanks Chris for sharing the photos.

The following photos are the Temple of Wat Arun, one place I missed during my previous trips.

Wat Arun - also known as Temple of Dawn.

Those 'prang' or towers represents Mount Meru and legend believe it to be the home to their Gods. FYI, the 5 peaks of Angkor Wat also represented Mount Meru.

It was built by Rama II in the early 19th century, during the Ayuthaya period. Ayuthaya is the old name Thailand's capital.

It's architecture was a blend of Khmer (Cambodian) and Thai.

I think I can explore here forever!! Just love the details..

A trip to Thailand is never complete without seeing those saffron clothed monks, you'll see them everywhere.

Arun comes from the name Aruna, the Indian God of dawn. Again do note that just like Cambodia, these temples were built under the influence of Hindu architechture before Buddhism was embraced.

Meanwhile over here, we've had one of the worst monsoon rain ever. Malaysians woke up to news of heavy rain, landslides, more deaths of people buried, missing, damaged homes and cars and with thousands evacuated. Picture and more story courtesy of The Star Online

For December this year, we'll have the most public holidays with 4 in total, inclusive of Christmas, but there's nowhere to go with flash floods everywhere. This week started with Monday and Thursday as holidays and yesterday it rained the whole day, turning my garden into a mini-pool :(

The shopping malls were packed to the max as if everything was for free so we hibernated at home and played with some henna. Here's the result, the first picture belongs to Danial..a reminder of this 2 favourite movies, Ghostrider and Spiderman.

Have a good week everyone :D