Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I was tagged by my good friend and very talented artist, Annie of Blissful-Bohemian to list 5 fabulous additions. Also a big thank you to Annie for the award :D

So here goes my 5 fabulous additions:

1. Travelling. It opens up the mind and soul to everything else.

2. Reading. You'll find lots of books in my car, reading while waiting to pick up the children from their school or tuition and between traffic jams. I wish I had more time.

3. Music. I love coffee but shouldn't drink it, so very loud music accompanies and keeps me awake when I am driving.

4. My garden. Where the children laugh and play and rabbits occassionally roam free.

5. My water plants. Lotuses, lilies, water orchids and many other water plants (don't know their names) grow.

These are pictures taken from my garden. Here's my 30+ years old desert rose inherited from my mom.

Plenty of red palm tree everywhere.

Our water lilies in full bloom.

A bowl of water lettuce (I think that's what it's called) accompanies us on our outdoor coffee table.

Love this plant..don't know the name.

A favourite tree which produces 2 different type of flowers of different colour.

Our Balinese style water feature..there's something about the sound of water which makes everyone happy and peaceful, the only thing missing is a massage :)

We have 6 of these frangipanis of various colours..the smell is divine..

Finally the garden would not be complete without the lotus plant. If you have planted or trans-planted lotuses before you'll know it's a messy and stinking affair. From mud, dead roots and murky water, arise the lotus, superior above any flowers. It's a symbolizes purity and divine birth and you'll note that Buddha always sits on a lotus. It is sweet smelling and blooms only for a very short period, allowing you to saviour it's beauty while you can.

Meanwhile, it is sad to hear about what happened both in Bangkok and Mumbai. I kept thinking about the unnecessary lives lost. While India will have more problems with Pakistan which add on to the existing tension between the two countries. Thailand will continue with more protest and knowing the Thais..this protest is going to be another long one. My husband and I are supposed to go to Bangkok for our year end holidays, so I guessed that's not going to happen. Even our planned holidays to the East Coast this weekend have to be cancelled due to worsening floods and evacuation plans here in Malaysia.

Happy week ahead everyone..