Monday, 15 December 2008


A trip to Mid Valley here and everywhere shown Christmas mood is in fully swing :) Though not celebrated by all but it's a public holiday and all malls are taking full advantage of everyone buying something for someone during this festival. Here's Eli at the Mid Valley Megamall taken last Friday.

We went to the Seri Penang at Ikea Centre last Saturday for dinner. It was a Nyonya restaurant and Nyonya means Chinese whom migrated to Malaysia a long time ago and adopted the local Malay culture. Their food are not typical Chinese food but hot, spicy and a blend of Malay ingredients. My maternal grandmother was a Nyonya from Penang and a very good cook and Nyonyas (female) are found mainly in both Penang and Malacca. I like this traditional Nyonya basket, here's a close up.

The restaurant had an entire wall of these red and gold baskets.

A Nyonya rattan basket with sakura flowers on a vintage chest and a framed gold threaded batik in a private room.

And food! From top left clockwise..vegetable curry, seafood tom yum (which is Thai actually), lamb cutlet with spices and pineapple beef.

Chicken wrapped with pandanus leaf, mango salad, yin-yang fish which came steamed one side and fried the other.

A decor at the restaurant, claypot on a traditional mom still uses that charcoal stove to boil soup everyday.

While in Ikea, I bought this all time favourite indoor plant called the lotus bamboo, here seen at home. All it needs is water and it last the whole year long.

Finally a TAG from my good friend Willow of WILLOW'S COTTAGE.
The rules were:
Pick the 4th picture from your 4th folder, post and explain it. It was longer but I shortened it :)

This picture was taken during Deepavali, it shows a little Indian girl dancing the Bharata Natyam, a traditional Indian dance. I recorded the video but as usual loading takes a long time, if anyone is interested and I'll post it :D

Have a great week everyone.