Friday, 26 December 2008

Firstly, Merry Christmas everyone :)

We had been busy travelling to the highlands, back to KL and then off again to the East Coast this weekend for a final break before school start. The trip to Cameron gave me an overdose of these..

Can anyone ever grow tired looking at these exotic orchids and this particular plant was not sale.

Or these spider lily orchids?

..and I love these many but which one to buy?

I really don't think I can survive winter anywhere. The weather was only 18 celcius and it was too cold for me. So, sipping hot tea and eating scones was fun, especially when you have a view like this.

..and this, the Bharat Tea plantation

Back to Kuala Lumpur for some last minute shopping at KLCC and what have I found..the reindeer flew over here

It was 36 celcius outside but both snowman and snowflake wanted to contribute too

 this 6 storey tall Christmas tree at KLCC..

Another Christmas tree outside Pavillion Mall next to Coach.

Dell's decor for Christmas outside Pavillion.

My mom had a new and smaller Christmas tree which changes colour every minute decorated with crystals..

While the children were excited counting presents under the tree, I was fascinated by mom's new ornaments..

Here are my two SSS for this week.
The Gap store in KLCC..

..and the next time we play Shadow shots again, it will be in year 2009, so here's Elmo saying goodbye to 2008.

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Much love...always..

Blogging had been super fun this year but most importantly, I have found new friends and everyone is special and unique. This is my 150th post and with more than 20000 visits and countless comments, I am truly grateful for the friendship. That someone took the trouble to visit me, write a comment and that I got the chance to learn something from each person. So, THANK YOU very much for your friendship and here's wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and year younger.

Have a great weekend everyone.