Saturday, 15 November 2008

SSS and City Secret

I was at KLCC for a meeting this week so I took the opportunity to snap some SSS for Hey Harriet. They had signs everywhere stating photos were only allowed at the concourse areas, so I thought if they caught me I'll just pretend to a foreign guest and can't read English ;p ..ah..the things I had to do for a photo!

The Petronas Twin Tower is the 2nd tallest building in the world for now and KLCC is the shopping centre that's located below these towers. It's steel and glass facade are designed to resembled motifs found in Islamic art.

I should get one of these scarves or bags, it should not be expensive, afterall they are only from Hermes haha..

Looking up inside KLCC..

..sunlight from the roof casting shadow onto the concourse area

..and some night shadows

The wonderful Elizabeth from About New York and other bloggers posted about My City Secret, so here's mine. I love the Petronas Twin Tower (above) and this is definitely my all time favourite place in Kuala Lumpur - the Skybar on the 33rd floor of the Traders Hotel. Pictures were taken a few months ago.
It's an open roof international bar where you can have a drink..

..have a swim if you want to and..

..and have those sparkly Twin Towers towers as the background, fancy a walk on that skybridge?

Give me a call when you are here :D