Monday, 10 November 2008

Hari Raya or Ramadhan was celebrated on a huge scale over here on the 1st October 2008, here's a collection of photos taken a few weeks before and on the actual day itself. I think the shopping centres here were always in a dilemma and towards year end, there were so many festivals that they had to change their decor every few weeks. I wanted to blog about this since early October but got sidetracked on other usual.
A traditional Malay group playing some folk songs.

Took this picture when I was in a hotel with some colleagues, its bunga mangga which you'll see in all weddings and the gong beaten signifying it's breaking fast time.

I loved this 'angklung' or bamboo shaker image. While angklung is a traditional music instrument here, I have never seen one this huge and it made the most beautiful sounds.

We started the day with the customory salam by the younger to an elder, here's Emilea with me. It's a mark of respect to someone you love, especially the parents, asking for blessings and forgiveness.

As we did not go back to my in laws for this celebration, it was celebrated here for the first time. My sis-in-laws made tapai, fermented glutinous rice wrapped with banana leaves. After cooking the rice with yeast, it was left to ferment and sweeten for 3 days and honestly, I have not tried it till now.

Of course we need dates and cakes to welcome our guests..

My mom-in-law cooked her famous kerutuk, which is beef cooked for hours under slow fire with coconut milk to be eaten with nasi minyak or rice with some spices, tumeric and sprinkled with raisins, wished you could be here :D

The girls with one of our bunnies...Elissa (left) sulking and unhappy to pose

Danial with his 'songkok' was more willing...

I do wish that one day all my blog friends will have the opportunity to come over to this side of the pond and experience all the different culture and celebrations here.

Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful friend, Liv of Country Liv's Cottage Art for this award and wish her daughter, Kim a speedy recovery.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :D