Monday, 3 November 2008

DEEPAVALI - The festival of lights, part 2

A few asked about the parakeet fortune teller, though I didn't get my fortune told but here's what you get when you do.

These pictures were taken from a shopping mall promoting Deepavali, but you can get them in any Indian streets.
Ask a question, be it health, wealth, love, carreer etc., and the parakeet or parrot will pick a card. The fortune teller will then read the card and it's meaning for you.

You will find flowers, particularly jasmine everywhere..purchased for prayers daily.

Peacocks in cardboard sizes and kolam designs everywhere..

Dancers with heavy bells on their ankle jiggling to the sound of classical music

Indian jewelleries anyone..

We went to a friend's home for the celebration. Her mini kolam welcomed us to her home.

Fresh flowers and mango leaves hanging overhead on the door..

The children eating muruku a well known local Indian snacks, this I can eat forever as it's not sweet :D

Danial with my friend's son, Darshan

An interesting decor at her home (left), and this oil lamp given by her mother as a wedding gift is so precious that it's boxed up. Such lamps are lighted up during throughout Deepavali.

I would like to thank Annette of In This life....... for this wonderful award and part of the rules is to share the below:

6 values important to me:
1. My husband whom I have known for 23 years
2. Our 3 children
3. My mother and other family members
4. Friends, near and far
5. Hope
6. Love

6 things I do not support:
1. War
2. Poverty
3. Abused children
4. Abandon children
5. Drugs
6. Corrupted politicians

Have a pleasant week everyone :D