Saturday, 25 October 2008


These shadows were taken during our trip to Avillion Resort few weeks ago.

Port Dickson is in Negeri Sembilan, a state just about an hour's drive from the main city. N.Sembilan is also my hometown which I lived from birth till age 18. When you are are and see a bullock cart or buildings with huge and long pointed horn roofs, it's a sign of the Minangkabau culture which originated from Indonesia. The Minangs people migrated from Indonesia and settled here many years ago and brought their famous pointed roof architechture seen here, or in this case in this bullock cart. Though the sign shown bullock carts originated from India but this roof has Indonesian/Minangs influence.

Malay folks playing traditional instruments, everyone was still in the Raya celebration then.

The children doing a SSS pose during breakfast

..and outside our chalet

My Raya post is still not up yet and we have another festival next Monday and yay..a public holiday for all here. It's Deepavali, or festival of lights, celebrated by our Indian friends (the 3rd largest ethnic group here) and there's lots of colours and lights everywhere. Where lights or lamps signify victory of good over evil. So here's wishing Happy Deepavali to all my local friends :D
(You'll find me here this weekend, picture courtesy of Midvalley Megamall).

Let's take a trip here in the next post! Picture is part of the entrance to a local Indian temple and below right is Lord Ganesha, a popular and widely worshipped deity. This is for my good friend in Sweden, Elisa :D

Have a great weekend everyone :D