Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Firstly, a million thanks for all those good wishes and positive vibes to me. I've been off the painkiller since last Sunday and happy that internet is up @ home. I am well and there are only 2 words to describe me..horizontal or vertical haha. Either I am standing during meals or lying down, should not be sitting yet unless it's on that silly donut ring and only for very short period. Still watching cable TV as that's the only thing I can do and getting one of the bunnies to accompany me. When I reached out to grab her the next day, she scrambled to a corner and clawed on to her cage haha...that's what TV does to a rabbit, what more human. Or watching DVD with my son but after endless rounds of Kungfu Panda, I had to bribe him something so he'll pass the remote back to me. Ha..that's how fun my life is for the last one week... and seriously missing all my wonderful friends in blog land :D

Well, enough of grumbling from me, I'd like to share the following pictures and do an early SSS with Hey Harriet, and Tracy, I was thinking of everyone during last Sunday's shadow shot, the first I have missed since it started. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracy..a belated one but still within the week :D

I LOVE religious buildings! and over here, there's plenty of mosques, Chinese, Indian and Sikh temples everywhere. So while heading for Port Dickson, I stopped by this newly renovated Indian temple for these shots!

Indian temples are always very vibrant and colourful, but this is the first that I have seen, a pink temple! Typical Hindu architechture of most religious building and I have seen similar ones in Cambodia, exactly like this with their signature steep building. What a grand entrance!

One of the dewatas or goddess guarding the entrance.


The main entrance was closed, so I took a shot from outside. This is their main prayer building.

More guardians on the roof.

Not SSS but a common sight everywhere, Indians weaving flowers outside the temple as offerings to their Gods.

Thank you so much again for thinking of me. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, much love and hugs always :D