Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It's Friday and after the Raya celebrations, we had 3 days off before we start our holiday. In fact it should start immediately but I refused to be caught up with the jam where everyone will be coming back to the city as Monday will be both a working and school day for all. In fact Raya felt even odd as when we celebrated in the town, the atmosphere and feeling was different, almost boring actually. I told my husband I wanted to eat Indian food which are plenty everywhere near our home, but not any Indian food but served with banana leaves. The Indians are the 3rd largest ethnic group here, therefore, this is as authentic as you can get, no toned down spices to suit foreigners.

Let's start with a clean banana leaf..

Normally Malaysians are shy in having their picture taken, but not these guys...

The side dishes were plenty, almost making a meal on it's own! Some pickles, vege, fried bittergourd etc.

Now it's complete..

You'll need to top it off with your choice of meat, fish or chicken curry..all together if you wish to..

Choose your own marinated fish and get it fried, here is a common spice..tumeric (packed with anti-oxidant) and salt.

Can't have authentic Indian food without 'rasam' or spicy soup.

Of course to eat it just like the locals with fingers..but fork and spoon is available for all too..

Finally if you are happy and satisfied with your meal, fold your banana leaf inwards after finishing :D

You'll find me here, picture courtesy of Avillion Port Dickson Gallery - Relaxing Vacation

Cheers to all :D