Monday, 27 October 2008

DEEPAVALI - The festival of lights

Deepavali was celebrated our Malaysian Indians on 27th October. For more information of the significant of this festival, go to Deepavali diversity. This is the 3rd largest religious celebration here and as usual, we can expect lots of colours in everything from the Indian community. I love this picture and just had to share with you all :D

While fetching the children from school, I took a short trip here..

It was obvious I was in Little India as I am the only non Indian walking around

The entire street was lined up with lots of goodies in preparation for Deepavali

Lots of Indian sweets

A common sight here, an Indian lady weaving jasmine flowers for temples and an Indian man reading your fortune using his parakeet

Walking to a nearby Indian temple..

The following day was spent hunting 'Kolams' which are made of uncooked coloured rice kernels or flour. Kolam is a sign of welcome, an invitation for luck and prosperity into one's home and everyday life. Therefore, we see it in their homes, temples and here at the shopping malls.

A pair of elephant made of stone flanked the stage, and during Deepavali, you'll find lots of elephants and peacocks

A classical Indian dancer

..seen here re-enacting a scene with a child posing as Lord Krishna, the most commonly worshipped deities in the Indian community. He is often depicted as a young boy with a flute.

A close up of the classical dancer in full gear and taking picture with Emilea

Another classical dancer and on right close up in his peacock costume

A traditional Indian sweet, Ghee balls..not advisable to eat and talk at the same time as you are sure to spew powdery substance to anyone within firing range. I tried it, it's so sweet that I was sure I'll have diabetes soon but very yummy!

I am not sure what this is but the seller said it's for prayers..

Some Indian decor being sold at the mall

Deepavali is not over for me yet, I've got to go to my colleague's house for the actual festival...wished you could join me.

So, 'naandri' (thank you in Tamil) for now and have a blessed week ahead :D