Friday, 10 October 2008

Dear all

Thank you for visiting and sorry that I could not hop over for the time being. Our vacation was cut short when I fell into the drain while taking photos..haha, how smart was that. I was in so much pain that I knew something was wrong, so the X-ray shown that the tailbone was fractured and I needed completed bed rest for 2 weeks, no walking, driving and sitting. At first, I thought it would be cool to watch cable TV all the time but after a few days, I don't know which is more painful, the inability to move or the actual pain itself. So, I have to take that unfortunate break and be in an almost vegetative state watching the idiot box daily and be a total painkiller addict for now.. haha..but don't worry, I am well and hopefully with all these rest, I will be up soon :D

Here's wishing everyone is good and missing all of you too :D