Monday, 20 October 2008


I was desperate for a holiday at the beach...even a lousy beach is better than no beach. The family headed for Avillion Resort at Port Dickson and stayed at one of the water chalet.

Going down south, our road on the left was jam free. Meanwhile, the entire road on the right was practically turned into a huge parking lot...with all the people rushing back to Kuala Lumpur in time for Morning work day.

Our water chalet was roomy, with a King sized bed. The bathroom was nice with a nice open view of the sky above and sea below. Loved the view of both the beach and ocean.

The place I loved the most was their queen sized day-bed, just nice for the kids to sleep and with the window opened, it was nice to hear the sound of the ocean...

The pool..

I can sit here for a long time..BTW Acheh is a place Indonesia, which was hit hardest by the previous Tsunami.

From the beach looking into our chalet..but this is not Perhentian or Redang, so the water was not crystal clear but the nearest beach to KL.

The kids enjoyed swimming and me what else..can you guess?

..under the coconut trees, but no coconuts..I guess it's safer that way, you wouldn't want one falling on your head!

A traditional urn to wash your feet when you are back from the beach and the girls sitting on the bullock cart.

The children were happy and excited feeding the inhouse pets, I was interested in the peacock..and was thinking of Gina's chooks at the same time :D

Around the resort..

Oh..I am not sitting on that donut-ring anymore, never thought it feel so good being able to sit on my own butt haha...even missed going to work, imagine that!! My husband said I got most of my wishes...extended leave, the remote all to myself and him at my beck and call for 1 week and he was a real sweetie taking time off to take care of me.

Here's wishing everyone a great week ahead :D