Monday, 27 October 2008

DEEPAVALI - The festival of lights

Deepavali was celebrated our Malaysian Indians on 27th October. For more information of the significant of this festival, go to Deepavali diversity. This is the 3rd largest religious celebration here and as usual, we can expect lots of colours in everything from the Indian community. I love this picture and just had to share with you all :D

While fetching the children from school, I took a short trip here..

It was obvious I was in Little India as I am the only non Indian walking around

The entire street was lined up with lots of goodies in preparation for Deepavali

Lots of Indian sweets

A common sight here, an Indian lady weaving jasmine flowers for temples and an Indian man reading your fortune using his parakeet

Walking to a nearby Indian temple..

The following day was spent hunting 'Kolams' which are made of uncooked coloured rice kernels or flour. Kolam is a sign of welcome, an invitation for luck and prosperity into one's home and everyday life. Therefore, we see it in their homes, temples and here at the shopping malls.

A pair of elephant made of stone flanked the stage, and during Deepavali, you'll find lots of elephants and peacocks

A classical Indian dancer

..seen here re-enacting a scene with a child posing as Lord Krishna, the most commonly worshipped deities in the Indian community. He is often depicted as a young boy with a flute.

A close up of the classical dancer in full gear and taking picture with Emilea

Another classical dancer and on right close up in his peacock costume

A traditional Indian sweet, Ghee balls..not advisable to eat and talk at the same time as you are sure to spew powdery substance to anyone within firing range. I tried it, it's so sweet that I was sure I'll have diabetes soon but very yummy!

I am not sure what this is but the seller said it's for prayers..

Some Indian decor being sold at the mall

Deepavali is not over for me yet, I've got to go to my colleague's house for the actual festival...wished you could join me.

So, 'naandri' (thank you in Tamil) for now and have a blessed week ahead :D

Saturday, 25 October 2008


These shadows were taken during our trip to Avillion Resort few weeks ago.

Port Dickson is in Negeri Sembilan, a state just about an hour's drive from the main city. N.Sembilan is also my hometown which I lived from birth till age 18. When you are are and see a bullock cart or buildings with huge and long pointed horn roofs, it's a sign of the Minangkabau culture which originated from Indonesia. The Minangs people migrated from Indonesia and settled here many years ago and brought their famous pointed roof architechture seen here, or in this case in this bullock cart. Though the sign shown bullock carts originated from India but this roof has Indonesian/Minangs influence.

Malay folks playing traditional instruments, everyone was still in the Raya celebration then.

The children doing a SSS pose during breakfast

..and outside our chalet

My Raya post is still not up yet and we have another festival next Monday and yay..a public holiday for all here. It's Deepavali, or festival of lights, celebrated by our Indian friends (the 3rd largest ethnic group here) and there's lots of colours and lights everywhere. Where lights or lamps signify victory of good over evil. So here's wishing Happy Deepavali to all my local friends :D
(You'll find me here this weekend, picture courtesy of Midvalley Megamall).

Let's take a trip here in the next post! Picture is part of the entrance to a local Indian temple and below right is Lord Ganesha, a popular and widely worshipped deity. This is for my good friend in Sweden, Elisa :D

Have a great weekend everyone :D

Monday, 20 October 2008


I was desperate for a holiday at the beach...even a lousy beach is better than no beach. The family headed for Avillion Resort at Port Dickson and stayed at one of the water chalet.

Going down south, our road on the left was jam free. Meanwhile, the entire road on the right was practically turned into a huge parking lot...with all the people rushing back to Kuala Lumpur in time for Morning work day.

Our water chalet was roomy, with a King sized bed. The bathroom was nice with a nice open view of the sky above and sea below. Loved the view of both the beach and ocean.

The place I loved the most was their queen sized day-bed, just nice for the kids to sleep and with the window opened, it was nice to hear the sound of the ocean...

The pool..

I can sit here for a long time..BTW Acheh is a place Indonesia, which was hit hardest by the previous Tsunami.

From the beach looking into our chalet..but this is not Perhentian or Redang, so the water was not crystal clear but the nearest beach to KL.

The kids enjoyed swimming and me what else..can you guess?

..under the coconut trees, but no coconuts..I guess it's safer that way, you wouldn't want one falling on your head!

A traditional urn to wash your feet when you are back from the beach and the girls sitting on the bullock cart.

The children were happy and excited feeding the inhouse pets, I was interested in the peacock..and was thinking of Gina's chooks at the same time :D

Around the resort..

Oh..I am not sitting on that donut-ring anymore, never thought it feel so good being able to sit on my own butt haha...even missed going to work, imagine that!! My husband said I got most of my wishes...extended leave, the remote all to myself and him at my beck and call for 1 week and he was a real sweetie taking time off to take care of me.

Here's wishing everyone a great week ahead :D

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Firstly, a million thanks for all those good wishes and positive vibes to me. I've been off the painkiller since last Sunday and happy that internet is up @ home. I am well and there are only 2 words to describe me..horizontal or vertical haha. Either I am standing during meals or lying down, should not be sitting yet unless it's on that silly donut ring and only for very short period. Still watching cable TV as that's the only thing I can do and getting one of the bunnies to accompany me. When I reached out to grab her the next day, she scrambled to a corner and clawed on to her cage haha...that's what TV does to a rabbit, what more human. Or watching DVD with my son but after endless rounds of Kungfu Panda, I had to bribe him something so he'll pass the remote back to me. Ha..that's how fun my life is for the last one week... and seriously missing all my wonderful friends in blog land :D

Well, enough of grumbling from me, I'd like to share the following pictures and do an early SSS with Hey Harriet, and Tracy, I was thinking of everyone during last Sunday's shadow shot, the first I have missed since it started. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracy..a belated one but still within the week :D

I LOVE religious buildings! and over here, there's plenty of mosques, Chinese, Indian and Sikh temples everywhere. So while heading for Port Dickson, I stopped by this newly renovated Indian temple for these shots!

Indian temples are always very vibrant and colourful, but this is the first that I have seen, a pink temple! Typical Hindu architechture of most religious building and I have seen similar ones in Cambodia, exactly like this with their signature steep building. What a grand entrance!

One of the dewatas or goddess guarding the entrance.


The main entrance was closed, so I took a shot from outside. This is their main prayer building.

More guardians on the roof.

Not SSS but a common sight everywhere, Indians weaving flowers outside the temple as offerings to their Gods.

Thank you so much again for thinking of me. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, much love and hugs always :D

Friday, 10 October 2008

Dear all

Thank you for visiting and sorry that I could not hop over for the time being. Our vacation was cut short when I fell into the drain while taking photos..haha, how smart was that. I was in so much pain that I knew something was wrong, so the X-ray shown that the tailbone was fractured and I needed completed bed rest for 2 weeks, no walking, driving and sitting. At first, I thought it would be cool to watch cable TV all the time but after a few days, I don't know which is more painful, the inability to move or the actual pain itself. So, I have to take that unfortunate break and be in an almost vegetative state watching the idiot box daily and be a total painkiller addict for now.. haha..but don't worry, I am well and hopefully with all these rest, I will be up soon :D

Here's wishing everyone is good and missing all of you too :D


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It's Friday and after the Raya celebrations, we had 3 days off before we start our holiday. In fact it should start immediately but I refused to be caught up with the jam where everyone will be coming back to the city as Monday will be both a working and school day for all. In fact Raya felt even odd as when we celebrated in the town, the atmosphere and feeling was different, almost boring actually. I told my husband I wanted to eat Indian food which are plenty everywhere near our home, but not any Indian food but served with banana leaves. The Indians are the 3rd largest ethnic group here, therefore, this is as authentic as you can get, no toned down spices to suit foreigners.

Let's start with a clean banana leaf..

Normally Malaysians are shy in having their picture taken, but not these guys...

The side dishes were plenty, almost making a meal on it's own! Some pickles, vege, fried bittergourd etc.

Now it's complete..

You'll need to top it off with your choice of meat, fish or chicken curry..all together if you wish to..

Choose your own marinated fish and get it fried, here is a common spice..tumeric (packed with anti-oxidant) and salt.

Can't have authentic Indian food without 'rasam' or spicy soup.

Of course to eat it just like the locals with fingers..but fork and spoon is available for all too..

Finally if you are happy and satisfied with your meal, fold your banana leaf inwards after finishing :D

You'll find me here, picture courtesy of Avillion Port Dickson Gallery - Relaxing Vacation

Cheers to all :D