Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Last Saturday we completed the 2nd part of the wedding at KL, this time hosted by the groom's family at a community hall. An even bigger event with more than 1000 guest invited.

The wedding dais, or pelamin.

This time the theme was blue, (left) the bunga telur given to guest during their bersanding ceremony or blessing of the couple. Close up of the bersanding chairs.

The happy couple posing with their families for a photo session.

Scenes around the hall, (below right) is the bunga manggar, whenever you see this near a house, roadside, hall or hotel, it's a sure sign of a Malay wedding taking place.

The couple and Emilea with the bride (right). It is also Emilea's picture in my profile taken 2 years ago...in case you thought it was me...

My favourite pictures are always of children...not all mine..

Of course no wedding is complete unless there's a little gift for the guest. This
time was a tea towel with both the bride's and groom's name on it. A box of kurma or dates for desert and also marking 1st September as the starting of Ramadhan, or the holy month, where Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to dusk.

A trip to a nearby shopping center and see what's being promoted, middle eastern teapots, tealights holder and glasses..all in preparation for the celebration of Ramadhan.

This is what I've been craving and eating almost daily. This fruit called 'kulasan', I don't even know if it has an English name. It looks like a wild rambutan and taste like a cross between rambutan and lychee...yummmy :D

Someone asked about the significance about the mooncake or lantern festival and I'll do a separate post next week as there'll be a party at my home to celebrate this. Now that the children have got their lanterns, I've got to go chose mine...haha! And, during fasting month there one thing that makes everyone happy..'pasar malam' or night market, where there are plenty of food to chose from, many breaking fast sessions with friends, relatives and office mates too! I'll do some yummy post on desserts.

Finally, Malaysia celebrated our 51st Independance day last Sunday. Some bloggers were flying our flag upside down..a sign of a nation in distress. I don't agree on the upside down flag but I certainly agree on the distress part...and someone I know have our PM's photo upside down in her blog.

Cheers and see you all soon :D