Thursday, 4 September 2008


Come October, we will take our longest leave and vacation. We have been to Perhentian a few times, so we are considering Redang Island..a place we have yet to go. It's a heaven for snorkellers and divers. It seems a long time since I have gone to the beach and I am dying to go here!

Picture courtesy of The Paradise - Redang Island

We had the same type of fishes as Perhentian. The children just sit on the beach and the fishes will swim around them.

Stay at this place, picture courtesy of Laguna Island Resort

Laguna, picture courtesy of Laguna Redang

To see the rising sun, courtesy of Rising Sun, Redang Beach

Do nothing but laze here on the hammock!!

I love photographer Ben's title of this picture Escape from the modern world

Wishing I could break free and be like this too...but then, I have to lose 10kgs to look like this :(
Picture courtesy of Supergirl.

Maybe this will convince blogger, Holly to go to Redang...

Bye for now and see everyone during our Shadow Shot Sunday :D