Saturday, 13 September 2008

THE MARKET - Siem Reap, Cambodia / SSS

Full explanation on Cambodia have all been done in my previous posts, if you are interested to see them, go here.

These pictures show the market in Siem Reap town.
Plenty to buy and their silk are not to be missed. You can get them very cheap at the market compared to hotels, all for the same quality.

Main road of Siem Reap.

Rattan products are used widely in Cambodian households, their famous sausages...I wonder how it taste..

The wet market.

Lots of wooden Buddha of all sizes to buy.

Man selling sweet potatoes.

An assortments of costume jewellery at very cheap prices.

..and of course, a trip to Cambodia wouldn't complete without a sip of scorpion and snake wine :D

Street food anyone? I have no idea what's that and didn't dare try too :D

Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet.
All pictures from home.
My jade bomboo tree.

Citrine tree.

Have a great weekend everyone :D