Monday, 15 September 2008


Last Sunday was the Mid Autumn festival, also well known as Lantern or Mooncake festival everywhere. You can find more information from Xue's blog XUE-ORIGINALS and Happy Birthday to Xue. She celebrated her chinese birthday. All Chinese have a birthdate in the Chinese calendar, which is always a year older than the western or actual birthdate. I'll go for any calendars which will show I am a few months younger actually haha..

A trip to a shopping mall near my home a month ago. Most shopping malls started their lanterns and mooncake promotions as early as 2 months ago.

I seldom buy mooncakes but I love the boxes very much, and this year the designs were even better.

I asked the seller how come this particular box was so huge (above collage, maroon box) and expensive too. Well, it was a both a mooncake and tea set. Great gift for sure. Many people buy them for presents to be given to family, friends and customers here.

Even our local club had a big promo on the lanterns.

The children and I went to MidValley Megamall which was having some mooncake and lantern promotions last Friday. Their version of the modern lantern (below left) and more traditional lanterns for sale.

Elissa choosing her took forever!

My wonderful aunt sent me a box of mooncake. The first picture was taken from the paper bag.. says it all!

The actual festival was last Sunday but we celebrated on Saturday night. Part of our garden decorated with paper lanterns.

My mom whom is a really good cook in both Hakka and Cantonese cuisine, made steamboat and all those vegetables stuffing were not bought. She made it from her own recipe using mackerel fish. The locals call them 'yong tau foo'...(xue and furrybuts will know :)

Our lantern tree at night and more lights everywhere.

The children playing with their lanterns.

The mooncake.

Some weeks ago, I sent one of my batiks to my good blog-friend Eileen of Eileen's Attic. I had a wonderful surprise when she sent a bag back to me with the same fabric. Here's Elissa modelling the bag. Many thanks Eileen :D

So we have complete one festival, and another big one..the Ramadhan festival, coming up in just two weeks! Like I said before, festivals of every kind is celebrated by everyone..more holidays and eating, what else!

Have a great week everyone.