Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hello everyone :D

Our yearly Ramadhan 'balik kampung' or 'going back to the village' and going to the island has been cancelled. For the first time in my wonderful mother-in-law's life (she's 73)and us too, everyone will celebrate at my home. Hari Raya or Ramadhan will be celebrated by at least 70% of Malaysians, schools and offices are closed next week and it's non stop visiting and more eating. I will play host to many people camping at my home...my cooking skills stretched to the max, so wish me luck..no better, pray for me ok. This will be a busy week at work, at home...everything, plus me being sick doesn't help much.

Here's Lucille our lopsided ear lops...saying goodbye, she passed on recently. She was our most loved rabbit and the only one with the 'lopsided ear'.

A picture I took while breaking fast with my colleagues...it's made of rice. Every grain meticulously arranged to this.

Meanwhile..my lotus had a mind of it's own..and bloomed non stop every week :D

Everyone loves the beauty of a butterfly..though I can't say so now. I am having a constant battle with them in my garden!

They have decided to lay their eggs everywhere and these caterpillars are chomping the leaves faster than I can catch them. This one is bigger than my thumb!! Any help or suggestion is much appreciated :D

Everyone is shopping and everywhere is packed and come this weekend, many people will prepare their journey back to villages...leaving the KL town almost empty. Those staying back would love to travel all over KL jam-free!

A hand puppet from Indonesia on display.

During Ramadhan, everyone lights up some bamboo lightings...though this is the modern version with a lamp.

..Danial playing with a teak elephant on display. Elephants are important figure in Thailand and Indochine.

Love all the details on the elephant!

Another elephant on display inside a shop.

Very middle-eastern inspired cushion, my favourite :D

Well...happy holidays to the locals and see you all soon :D