Sunday, 28 September 2008


Playing SSS with Hey Harriet.

Entrance of a mosque near office.

Have a great weekend everyone :D

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hello everyone :D

Our yearly Ramadhan 'balik kampung' or 'going back to the village' and going to the island has been cancelled. For the first time in my wonderful mother-in-law's life (she's 73)and us too, everyone will celebrate at my home. Hari Raya or Ramadhan will be celebrated by at least 70% of Malaysians, schools and offices are closed next week and it's non stop visiting and more eating. I will play host to many people camping at my cooking skills stretched to the max, so wish me better, pray for me ok. This will be a busy week at work, at home...everything, plus me being sick doesn't help much.

Here's Lucille our lopsided ear lops...saying goodbye, she passed on recently. She was our most loved rabbit and the only one with the 'lopsided ear'.

A picture I took while breaking fast with my's made of rice. Every grain meticulously arranged to this. lotus had a mind of it's own..and bloomed non stop every week :D

Everyone loves the beauty of a butterfly..though I can't say so now. I am having a constant battle with them in my garden!

They have decided to lay their eggs everywhere and these caterpillars are chomping the leaves faster than I can catch them. This one is bigger than my thumb!! Any help or suggestion is much appreciated :D

Everyone is shopping and everywhere is packed and come this weekend, many people will prepare their journey back to villages...leaving the KL town almost empty. Those staying back would love to travel all over KL jam-free!

A hand puppet from Indonesia on display.

During Ramadhan, everyone lights up some bamboo lightings...though this is the modern version with a lamp.

..Danial playing with a teak elephant on display. Elephants are important figure in Thailand and Indochine.

Love all the details on the elephant!

Another elephant on display inside a shop.

Very middle-eastern inspired cushion, my favourite :D

Well...happy holidays to the locals and see you all soon :D

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Playing SSS with Hey Harriet.

We had lots of fun playing SSS last weekend and these are the most colourful shadows I have ever seen. It was extremely hot, not even possible to stand on the verandah tiles without shoes!

I love the colours!!

Danial playing with the flying horse.

The fish shadow was almost as real as the lantern.

The children with their lanterns..and complaining of the heat.

Have a great weekend everyone :D

Monday, 15 September 2008


Last Sunday was the Mid Autumn festival, also well known as Lantern or Mooncake festival everywhere. You can find more information from Xue's blog XUE-ORIGINALS and Happy Birthday to Xue. She celebrated her chinese birthday. All Chinese have a birthdate in the Chinese calendar, which is always a year older than the western or actual birthdate. I'll go for any calendars which will show I am a few months younger actually haha..

A trip to a shopping mall near my home a month ago. Most shopping malls started their lanterns and mooncake promotions as early as 2 months ago.

I seldom buy mooncakes but I love the boxes very much, and this year the designs were even better.

I asked the seller how come this particular box was so huge (above collage, maroon box) and expensive too. Well, it was a both a mooncake and tea set. Great gift for sure. Many people buy them for presents to be given to family, friends and customers here.

Even our local club had a big promo on the lanterns.

The children and I went to MidValley Megamall which was having some mooncake and lantern promotions last Friday. Their version of the modern lantern (below left) and more traditional lanterns for sale.

Elissa choosing her took forever!

My wonderful aunt sent me a box of mooncake. The first picture was taken from the paper bag.. says it all!

The actual festival was last Sunday but we celebrated on Saturday night. Part of our garden decorated with paper lanterns.

My mom whom is a really good cook in both Hakka and Cantonese cuisine, made steamboat and all those vegetables stuffing were not bought. She made it from her own recipe using mackerel fish. The locals call them 'yong tau foo'...(xue and furrybuts will know :)

Our lantern tree at night and more lights everywhere.

The children playing with their lanterns.

The mooncake.

Some weeks ago, I sent one of my batiks to my good blog-friend Eileen of Eileen's Attic. I had a wonderful surprise when she sent a bag back to me with the same fabric. Here's Elissa modelling the bag. Many thanks Eileen :D

So we have complete one festival, and another big one..the Ramadhan festival, coming up in just two weeks! Like I said before, festivals of every kind is celebrated by everyone..more holidays and eating, what else!

Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

THE MARKET - Siem Reap, Cambodia / SSS

Full explanation on Cambodia have all been done in my previous posts, if you are interested to see them, go here.

These pictures show the market in Siem Reap town.
Plenty to buy and their silk are not to be missed. You can get them very cheap at the market compared to hotels, all for the same quality.

Main road of Siem Reap.

Rattan products are used widely in Cambodian households, their famous sausages...I wonder how it taste..

The wet market.

Lots of wooden Buddha of all sizes to buy.

Man selling sweet potatoes.

An assortments of costume jewellery at very cheap prices.

..and of course, a trip to Cambodia wouldn't complete without a sip of scorpion and snake wine :D

Street food anyone? I have no idea what's that and didn't dare try too :D

Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet.
All pictures from home.
My jade bomboo tree.

Citrine tree.

Have a great weekend everyone :D

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Of the many places that I have visited, Cambodia holds a special place in my heart. To see the beautiful Angkor Wat, to touch it and just being there breathing it made me felt that I have been transported to another world. Apart from their beautiful architechture and history, it was the people that are special too. It reminded me of how blessed I am living here. Of course we have the poor but being there and seeing their living condition, it was almost unreal. Yet, the people are friendly, always smiling, ever ready to pose for a picture. Here are the pictures of a family selling handicrafts by the roadside.

Palm fruit trees lining the entire road.

To be cooked into palm sugar, for cooking or for tea. I was sure the oven had various temperature setting, it's just I could not find it heheh..

I love photos of children :) At the same times, some of these children may never go to school, some lucky ones will, and some had to beg for the family.

An underground well and only source of water.

The kitchen.

Home to an entire family of 8.

I remembered this girl well. She pestered me all the time to buy 3 flutes for USD1.00, which I did and still have no idea what to do with them until today.

When I see barbie dolls thrown all over the house and under the bed, I remind my daughters that one of their doll can feed an entire family in Cambodia. The poorest of Cambodians earn an average of USD1.00 a day.

Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful artist friend, Shayla of Diary of Artist Shayla Perreault Newcomb. She sent me this beautiful hand painted postcard with 2 birds all the way from Canada. I hereby reproduce what she wrote "one of my ideas behind the birds is that one of us is usually sleeping while the other's awake due to the time difference. I find it impressive that distance and even time aren't barriers to friendship"...I am touched by Shayla's and everyone's friendship as well :)

Also thanks for everyone's comment on the lotus pod's SSS. Here's a picture of another pod which remain uncut today after 2 weeks. When I shake it, those little 'seeds' moved like worms wriggling inside..very funny!!! Oh yes, those lotus seeds can be eaten as part of this dessert, the locals will know it as Lin Chi Kang :D

Much love to everyone :D