Monday, 25 August 2008


We went to a Malay wedding last week and hope everyone enjoy the following pictures. We missed the 'berinai' session where the bride had her henna sessions on hands and feet, and the solemnisation of the actual marriage at the mosque. Both done on two different days and was a huge celebration too. Wedding was at bride's home.

Emilea, Elissa and me on the way to the wedding. We are wearing the traditonal Malay dress, the 'baju kurung', which is worn by all Malaysians. Here, I am taking up Annette's challenge to post a pic of me..wrinkles, warts and all hahaha :D

Weddings can be held in hotels, communal halls or here, under a big tent infront of the bride's house.

The bride waiting patiently for her groom.

The 'rebana' (tradtional drum) group that accompanied the groom's family.

Arrival of the groom and his family.

The happy couple during the 'bersanding' session. Bersanding is where the bride and groom sit on a platform and wedding guest gives their blessings. They have chosen gold and yellow as their theme, but it could be in any other colour one fancy.

There's a saying here, the couple will be 'raja sehari' or king/queen for a day on his/her wedding day.

The 'bunga telur', a direct translation would be 'egg flower', where hard boiled eggs are wrapped in decoration and given to anyone who blesses the happy couple.

I like this picture, henna on the bride's hands.

The 'hantaran' or wedding gifts from both side of the families.

Ah..for those not local or familiar with the customs here, if you go to a Malay wedding or function and see one of these teapots, please don't pour the contents into your glass. It's for washing hands :D

The blessing tray, uncooked yellow rice, cut pandanus and roses to sprinkle on the happy couple hands.

For desserts, 'tapai' was served, made from fermented rice.

These pretty girls were handing out little presents to all guests who came.

A collage of the giveaway. Mini potpourris and hard boiled egg in a leaf-woven mini boxes (red).

The wedding is not over yet. This weekend we will attend the same wedding at a different location and will be hosted by the groom's side. Sigh..more food to chow on, but no chicken feet or parts and I'll try to snap those foodie pics.

Have a great week ahead.