Thursday, 28 August 2008

We were at our local mall shopping and the children got excited when they saw these Chinese lanterns! It's our Mooncake or Mid Autumn Festival, a time for family gathering, eating and for the children, parading around the house, garden and street with these lanterns at nigh. BTW, we always celebrate according to the Chinese calendar and the different seasons in China, for eg. Spring festival and now Autumn festival, but make no mistake, it's only 365 summer holidays over here..with some rain or monsoon season thrown in!

Paper lanterns, courtesy of Mooncake festival

More lanterns picture, courtesy of Mid-Autumn joy for the children

My favourite lantern picture of the Rafflesia and monkey cup plant. The Rafflesia (in red) is the largest flower in the world, measuring up to 3 feet ..and it's here in the Borneo.

The mooncake pictures courtesy of The Baker's Cottage. Sweet dessert with endless varieties of fillings. Click on the link to see the different fillings and others too.

All mooncake comes in beautiful box.

Another close up of a mooncake with the double happiness sign, courtesy of mooncake...too yummy!

Of course there's a story behind the festival, we'll talk about that another time :D

I would like to thank Darla of Bay side to mountain side for sending me her blue poms poms, the kids and I will have lots of fun making something this weekend :D

The wonderful Debbie of Heart to Art for her wonderful postcards and handmade greeting cards :D

This weekend, Malaysia will celebrate it's 51st Merdeka Day or Independence Day with Monday a public holiday. We will be busy going to the Malay wedding and buying lanterns for the children. Should be interesting to see the malls decorated with lanterns before the it changes for our Ramadhan or Eid festival in 1st October 2008. NIn fact the next few months will be very colourful, after the Ramadhan, we have Deepavali for the Indians - celebration of lights. Yes, there's plenty to celebrate here in Malaysia with our 3 main ethnic groups, Malay, Chinese and Indians with own religious and cultural festivals. 3 New year holidays, one on the 1st January, the Chinese New year and the Muslim New year, individual state's Sultan's birthday, King's birthday and others...lots of eating, visiting and a public holiday for all ;p

Cheers and see you again during Shadow Shot Sunday..