Wednesday, 13 August 2008

SSS with Hey Harriet. Do check out her awesome collages :D

Palm trees everywhere!

Road outside home, lined with bouganvilla and palm trees.

Huge fan-type palm tree.

Red palm @ home.

Okay this is not a SSS but a banana shoot. It is eaten as a salad (boiled) or cooked with coconut milk. I wonder if it is eaten out of Asia.

Below top photos are the buds of my aloe vera, I thought they looked like the head of some snakes. The bottom pictures are of pomelos, another current favourite :D

MERCI to Kitem of A Garden in France for this award. Kitem is based in France is very much Malaysian as she lived in Penang for many years and knows this island better than me. We met recently and I look forward to our next meeting.

I am passing this award to Sandra of bubble babble and Pat of Mille Fiori Favoriti in the US. To Elisa of Elisa Day in Sweden, to Sonia of LEAVES OF GRASS in Brazil, to Gina of Gingerbread in Tasmania and to Melanie of jellybeanangel in the UK. I hope you will please pass it on to all your wonderful friends :D Thanks to Sandra's tip, I can cut down on blog-hopping time and still be in touch with the latest blogs. Finally, when I saw Sandra's spiders post here, it reminded me of these spider orchids I saw recently. Pop over to her blog and see if her spiders look like the first orchid below :D

I miss the beach so much! All I can think of nowadays is this place, picture courtesy of Sipadan.
This is Sipadan island, one of the top diving and snorkelling island in the world..and it's here in Borneo. The only oceanic island in Malaysia, rising 600 m from the seabed. It's my wish to get a diving certification...soon. When I can convince my husband the need for me to run off with the dive master and swim with the barracudas, manta rays and whale sharks, while he looks after our 3 kids and 7 rabbits at home hahaha !! (any tips or tricks on this?)

..nothing much to see under the sea, just these..

..or swim with this guy! (picture courtesy of Borneo Sipadan 2008)

..and see the blue spotted stingray (picture courtesy of Borneo Sipadan 2008)

..and stay here, Sipadan Water Village. (photo courtesy of Sipadan water village

Anyone want to tag along :P

Bye for now and enjoy your weekend.