Thursday, 7 August 2008


SSS with Hey Harriet.
All pictures from the recent Kuching/Borneo trip.

The locals call it 'bumbu'. It's made of rattan and used traditionally for catching fishes, here seen as a decor inside a restaurant.

Kuching meaning cats in Malay, plenty of them everywhere.

A very heavy weight earrings used by the Kelabit natives to stretch their earlobes as a sign of beauty.

This is a picture of a Kelabit lady drawing in my hotel room, see the earrings..

When I was in Kuching city, I noticed that there were many Chinese temples, a huge mosque under construction but no Indian temples as there aren't many Indians living in Sarawak. This was one of the few temples and hope you like the pictures.

Huge burner (left) and incense burner (right).

Their doors.

Dragons design on the roof seen in all temples.

An antique Chinese lantern, we don't see them anywhere nowadays except in temples.

Side of the temple in red, what else!

Happy weekend everyone :D