Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Pasar malam means night market in Malay, normally starting in the late afternoon. Pasar malam are available everywhere and these pictures were taken in Kuching, but it's the same if we see them over here at KL as well.

Fruits: pineapples, buah salak, guava and jackfruit.

Food: pancakes with nuts, malay cakes, nyonya kuehs/cakes and fried noodles

Top: sugar cane extractor, bottom: and satay which is common all over Malaysia but I am seeing these for the first time, all chicken parts..I won't name them for your sake..

More handicrafts, handmade bamboo leaves handbags and pua kumbu (top).

This is a miniature dragon fruit tree. The plant is about 1 feet in height, in comparison to the normal tree which is at between 5 to 6 feet tall. Trust me, I was very tempted to buy it!

These pictures are for my furry friends, Diana of The Qi Papers, Christine of Welcome to Sam's Place! and Furrybutts, and everyone else of course :D Our rabbits have 2 sets of cages, one in the porch and another in the garden. Needless to say, they are happiest when in the garden..but no more free roaming!

Our love-bunnies, Maskara and Peter Rabbit, my husband is not going to be happy when he sees the hole they dug.

The babies..as big as the other rabbits!

Our lops, Lucille and Belle, recovering from an ear infection at the moment.

Emilea (my eldest) said: Mummy, these rabbits eat, poop and look cute all day. Other than that, they don't contribute anything else.
Mummy said: Just like you, darling :D

Finally, I want to thank Melanie of jellybeanangel for allowing me to use this in my sidebar. The words says it all.

Have a great week everyone :D