Tuesday, 12 August 2008


A trip to the Orang Ulu's longhouse at the Sarawak Cultural Village.

"Orang Ulu is a term generally used to refer to the multitude of tribes living upriver in the interior regions of Sarawak. Among others, the Orang Ulu includes the major Kayan (15,000) and Kenyah tribes, the Kajang, Kejaman, Punan, Ukit, and Penan (10,000) tribes, and recently, the tribes of Lun Bawang, Lun Dayeh and Berawan and Kelabits highlanders (3,000). Collectively these different tribes make up about 5.5% of Sarawak’s population." Text courtesy of Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)

The longhouse perched high above the ground.

Notice the design on their poles.

Stairs to the longhouse..I have seen much narrower ones, obviously the people are very petite.

Orang Ulu dancers.

Playing their traditional instrument, the 'sape'.

My favourite, tribal drawings on their main house.

Going to the Semenggoh to see the Orang Utan and pictcher plants.

A big THANK YOU to Gina of Gingerbread for this Tree of Happiness award. Seeing her scrapbookings makes me want to start again. I am required to list 6 things that makes me happy now, so here goes:

1. Water chestnut fruit, for salad, cooking or eating it raw.
2. Our 3 baby bunnies that are back from my mom's place..though not so small anymore.
3. Having the time to start an exercise regime..finally.
4. My garden.
5. My lotus blooming every week.
6. My koi fishes.

Have a blessed week ahead :D